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7 Reasons The Surga is The Best Bali Wedding Venue

Opulent and elegant, The Surga Villa Estate offers a perfect wedding venue for romantic souls. The wedding package combines beautiful scenery, complete facilities, and impeccable services. Surga One Villa is the main wedding venue Bali in the property, complete with various floor plans to create the best wedding reception venue in Bali.

For some romantic souls, The Surga Villa Estate has presented a perfect wedding venue in Bali which is opulent and elegant. Everyone can have the most wonderful wedding day here at the venue by booking it a few weeks before the due date. Make sure you obtain enough information before coming to The Surga Villa Estate by reading this article.

Have Your Special Wedding Day at The Surga Bali Wedding Venue

The Surga Wedding Venue offers benefits you don’t get from other similar wedding venues in Bali. If you are wondering why The Surga Villa Estate offers this venue for your wedding, here are seven reasons why you must take the benefits of booking the wedding venue Bali into consideration when it is time for you to plan a wedding.

1.    Impressive Beachfront Location

bali wedding venue at beachfront

Situated in Uluwatu, famous for its beachfront hills, The Surga Wedding Venue Bali offers an impressive view toward the sea. The villa is situated on a limestone cliff, right above the beautiful Melasti Beach. Arrange your Bali wedding venue for a sunset ceremony and get the best background for your vow.

Beach is always impressive for those with love and admiration either for the loved one or for what God has created. Viewed by the sunrise and sunset, all the beautiful moments will be eternalized on the beach. Even for weddings, the beach is very much impressive and charming.

Bali wedding venue is specifically located in Uluwatu which is widely known for its beachfront hills. This way, The Surga Villa Estate offers a wedding venue along with the impressive scenery that faces the sea. Thanks to the villa which is situated on a limestone cliff, right above the wonderful Melasti Beach, allowing the wedding party to feel as if it was like in the real paradise.

For the most romantic wedding, everyone can manage the wedding venue for a sunset ceremony as the best background. Sunset will present the most beautiful romantic wedding moments once in a lifetime. This is the first reason for having a wedding at the wedding venue make sense. Now if you are willing to choose the wedding venue, well, don’t wait for any second.

2.    Complete Facilities and Services

complete facilities in wedding venue

The second reason we would like to give you out in considering the Bali wedding venue is the complete facilities and services offered by The Surga Villa Estate through the Bali wedding venue. There is more to hold your dream here. The Surga Wedding Venue Bali offers multiple powder rooms that come with spacious areas for the bride, groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids and the family members to prepare for the wedding day. This venue is facilitated by the spacious dual kitchen completed with the equipment to accommodate the wedding party meal preparation. Additionally, the vendor areas are located in more discrete places to make the wedding party unobstructed.

The Surga Bali wedding venue has everything you need to hold a dream wedding venue bali. Multiple powder rooms give enough spaces for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family members to get ready. The dual kitchens provide enough spaces and equipment to accommodate a reception banquet. The vendor areas are situated in more discreet places.

To provide you with the great convenience, The Surga Villa Estate adds the professional staff members to assist you with your special wedding day. They are ready for any kind of assistance you need from preparing the venue to serve the guests, ensuring that all the things run smoothly and there is nothing wrong with the big day. Professional staff members are available to help with your special day. From preparing the venue to serve all guests, they make sure that everything runs smoothly. You can also get entertainment packages before and after the ceremony.

To complete the wedding ceremony, entertainment packages are also available to add more excitement either before the ceremony or after the ceremony. In short, this wedding venue offers the most complete facilities and services that you may not get from the other wedding venue packages on the globe.

3.    Great Floor Plan Options

foor plan option for wedding venue

The Surga offers several floor plans to create your ideal Bali wedding venue. They help you in creating the best wedding venue layout, depending on the guest numbers and wedding theme. For example, a specially built aisle allows the bride to “walk above the water” when approaching the groom.

What’s more, you can expect from booking a wedding venue Bali? The answer is the great floor and plan options. There are some great floor plans offered by The Surga Villa Estate to enable you to make the ideal wedding venue. The ordered staff members are ready to help you prepare the best wedding venue layout which is depending on the guests’ number and theme of the wedding. For instance, an aisle is built in a special way to allow the bride to walk above the water when approaching the groom. So, it is much depending on the wedding theme. And the professional staff members are the ones that help you prepare anything to make it real, supported by the availability of floor plan options.

Now if you have already a wedding theme in your mind, communicate it with them and choose the most suitable floor plan options to create the best wedding as you dream of.

4.    Delicious Catering Menu

delicious catering menu

One of the most crucial elements of a wedding party is the catering menu. It is because of the wedding venue without food and beverage is nothing. In this regard, the Bali wedding venue provides the guests with a complete set of main dishes, side dishes, kid’s menu, and beverages. There are some menu options available to opt including the western menu, Indonesian cuisine, and Chinese dishes. Vegetarian foods are also added to the menu options for those who do not eat the meat of fish. Now you can tell your family not to worry about the foods they are going to enjoy at your wedding ceremony.

A good wedding party at Bali wedding venue is not complete without good food. The Surga offers a menu set that caters to all kinds of guests. You have a complete set of main dishes, side dishes, beverages, and a kid’s menu. The options include Western, Indonesian, and Chinese dishes, including vegetarian foods.

One special thing about the food options is the ingredients which are all obtained from the local sources, allowing you and the guests to try the special taste. Moreover, the ingredients are all freshly obtained so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the foods served on your wedding day. Make sure none will be left on your wedding day before tasting the menu provided by the Bali wedding venue.

In short, The Surga Bali wedding venue presents the most complete menu that will never make everyone disappointed. So get your special day here in Bali by booking the wedding venue to create the best wedding day.

5.    Venue Convenience

convenience of wedding venue bali

Next reason why you should consider getting married in Bali wedding venue is the venue convenience. This way, The Surga Bali wedding venue is the most well-known wedding venue for its great convenience and flexibility. To provide you with the most convenient wedding day, you can book one or two villas for accommodations. However, whether you book one villa or two villas is much depending on the number of guests that would stay within the accommodation.

Unlike other cliff wedding venue Bali, Bali wedding venue offered by The Surga Villa Estate offers you the allowance to enjoy the beautiful wedding venue during your stay. If you stay for a week, then you are allowed to use the facilities and services for a week. In this case, The Surga Villa Estate enables you to customize the wedding including catering and decoration. On the other hand, the other wedding venue only allows you to spend two or three hours to enjoy the venue’s facilities and services.

The Surga Bali wedding venue is famous for its convenience and flexibility. You can book one or two villas, depending on how many people will stay in the accommodations. Unlike most cliff wedding venue Bali, you can enjoy the Bali wedding venue at The Surga for the whole duration of your stay, whereas others are only allowing you to use the beautiful main wedding venue only for two to three hours. The Surga also allows you to fully customize your wedding with any third party vendors of your choice including catering and décor. You can rent our villa as venue only.

6. Romantic Views

romantic views

Another reason for dealing with the Bali wedding venue is the fact that Bali has some romantic views for those who are in the wedding. In this case, choosing The Surga Villa Estate for the wedding location is a perfect choice. You will be amazed at the romantic sunset views out of the edge of the limestone cliff top gardens. Considering that the estate is located in Uluwatu, which is offering you the best views, you can enjoy the premium wedding experience along with the white sand and blue water of the Melasti Beach.

The beaches around wedding venue are all accessible so you can provide your guests not only with the functional events but also with the impressive moments such as the romantic sunsets and sprawling opulence. Thus, not only the bride and the bridegroom but also the guests can experience the romantic views in the wedding venue.

7. Fantastic Experience for Families

Believe it or not, The Surga Wedding Venue Bali is like a bundle of joy presented for the bride and bridegroom as well as their families. At the wedding, the families are invited during the wedding ceremony, starting from the preparation to a big day and a few days after the big day for having relaxed. This way, the family can enjoy not only the villa where they stay but also some wedding destinations along with the bride and bridegroom.
In this regard, having a wedding in The Surga Villa also provides the families with a fantastic experience that they won’t be able to forget for the rest of life. Some special and sweet moments are well-recorded and staying in their heart, too.

So what are you waiting for? Go and book the Bali wedding venue now! Surely, you will never feel disappointed to have a wedding here in Bali. It offers more than just you can dream of. Believe it or not, not only the local actors or actresses opt The Surga Villa estate to hold a wedding but also other couples around the world that have known Bali as the island of paradise.

Get to know more about the The Surga wedding venue and plan your wedding there now! No matter who you are and where you are from, The Surga Villa Estate together with the wedding venue will serve you all the best, ranging from preparing everything for the wedding to serve your guests during the wedding.

Getting married at The Surga Bali wedding venue is a fantastic experience. Secure the best wedding venue Bali and make your special day more memorable.

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